Winter Moving

Living in Canada and the northern United States, most people do not want to move during the winter months. Although you are hiring movers, you still have to be out in that cold weather or driving long distances on snowy mountain roads. However, sometime, life does not give us the option to choose which month you are going to be transferred to a new job, or when a new family member may be arriving into the world. At BC Alberta Movers we realize our customers need to move year round and therefore we ensure we have plenty of options for moving you anywhere anytime. Our trucks roll all year long for the best service.All of our professional drivers are experienced with the highways and winter road conditions, ensuring a reliable time frame & safe transport of your goods. We also transport vehicles anywhere in Canada or to and from the USA, making it an easy relaxing flight for you and we take care of the rest. And to make it even better we do not raise our rates when moving during this time. Great prices all year round.

Tips for ensuring a safe working environment for the movers.

As we have entered the winter months we need to recognize that the work of movers becomes much more dangerous. Whether it be a local move in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or any of the snowy provinces where we are working with snowy & icy roads & sidewalks, or moving long distance when the road conditions are less than par.

We know there is nothing you can do for the roads, however, for safety reasons you should insure that on or before moving day your sidewalks are shovelled and salted for the men. Sometimes you can do this yourself or have neighbourhood kid that will shovel your walk for a reasonable price.

And it never hurts to have a nice hot chocolate or coffee available for the men to warm up.