Motorcycle Shipping

Motorcycle Shipping in Canada and the United States

If you are planning to transport your motorcycle, either as part of a larger move or separately, we will help you with the best motorcycle transport anywhere in Canada or the United States. We understand that your bike is a valued possession, so we offer safe and secure containment for all motorcycle shipping in Canada or the United States using our moving trucks with nothing placed on top or close to them. We will take great care to ensure its safe arrival at your final destination.

Keeping Your Motorcycle Safe

When you are making your moving plans, it’s important to plan for motorcycle shipping in Canada or the United States. If you are moving an entire household and your motorcycle is coming along for the ride, a budget-friendly option is to include your bike safe and sound inside our moving truck. Call Vancouver BC Mover today and we will walk you through how we can protect your prized possession with custom wrapping of your motorcycle and full value insurance.

Preparing for Motorcycle Transport in Canada and the United States

Before you move your bike, follow our checklist below. This will prepare your motorcycle for the journey ahead.

  • Take a few photos of your motorcycle before it is shipped. This will help you and our movers be aware of your motorcycles original condition (include any wear, scratches or dings that are already present).
  • Check your fluids, air pressure and battery charge. If the motorcycle is leaking anything, fix the problem before shipping.
  • Keep the gas tank low. Empty or nearly empty is even better in order to avoid dangerous combustible properties within an enclosed space.
  • We will pick up your motorcycle at your home or wherever it is stored. We will also deliver it to your new home after the move.
  • That’s it! When you choose our team for motorcycle shipping services to anywhere in Canada or the United States your motorcycle is in safe, expert care.

Contact Us Today

Choose our experienced movers to move your motorcycle to it’s new destination in Canada or the United States. If you have any questions about how our motorcycle moving service can help you or if you would like to schedule a move, contact us today by email, or by calling our local number 604-5913515 or our toll free number 1-800 599-2622 to book your motorcycle transport.
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