8 Moving Tips for a Zen Mind: How to Lower the Stress of Your Move

If the essence of a Zen mind is acceptance of what is, then the prospect of moving your entire household surely tests that acceptance to its limits. There’s a good reason why moving is the third most-stressful life event after the death of a loved one or divorce.

So, how can you make moving less stressful and stay focused on the now? Here are eight moving tips to lower your stress and make your move more successful:

1. Take your time and begin planning early.
Although some moves must happen quickly, you’ll feel more centred and calm if you start planning as soon as possible. Not feeling organized? Use a moving checklist or a spreadsheet to categorize your belongings – this helps you visualize what to keep, what to give away, and what to throw out.

2. Create a calendar.
Decide what tasks need to happen in the weeks or months prior to the move and give yourself extra time for the hard tasks. Assign various tasks to family members and willing friends so you don’t get overwhelmed. Why not also ask your neighbours for moving tips?

3. Have a garage sale.
De-cluttering is a fantastic way to clear your mind as well as your house. If you do this fairly early in the process, you’ll be surprised by how much easier the rest of your organizing and packing will be.

4. Reward yourself periodically.
See a movie. Get a massage. Have brunch with friends. Even sticking with 15 minutes of meditation or daily yoga can be a cost-free reward that will make the packing go more smoothly.

5. Stay in touch with movers.
If you’re using professional moving services, stay in contact so that both parties are aware of changes or other issues that come up. If you both know what to expect, your stress levels will drop.

6. Come up with a smart packing plan.
If you pack first the seasonal clothing, sports equipment, and other items you won’t need for a while, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as you await moving day.

7. Take time to say goodbye.
Give yourself time to enjoy the memories of your current location. Plan a few short visits to neighbours and local sites before your packing gets too intense.