Should you move during the week or in the weekend?

Which is better, least expensive, more convenient and easier? Both moving during the week and in the weekend have their pros and cons.
Is It Cheaper to Move During the Week?
If we are talking only moneywise, BC Alberta Movers does not charge more for weekend moving. However, since the weekend is the time when most people choose to move, movers are busier. This means that you may find it harder to get to reliable moving companies last minute. Weekends often book up more quickly, especially in summer and during the first and last weekends of a month which is the busiest time for moving companies. The same goes true even stronger if those weekends match a holiday.
Which is more efficient?
We find that moving mid-week is most efficient for various reasons. One being that most people are working 9 to 5. Which means for apartment moves, not a lot of other people in the building using the elevators and if your complex or busy street doesn’t have much parking, the movers will have easier access mid-week when most other persons are at work leaving extra parking available.
Our men are great, they work just as hard mid-week and on weekends, however, it is nice when the work is spread out for the guys. Instead of being busy all weekend, or at the end of the month, by booking a move mid-week or mid-month the men are fresher!
We also know that the weekends are the only time that most people get to really relax. Do you want to relax or do you want to be moving?
Whatever you decide we are available and ready to help with all your moving needs. Call us today for a free quote 1-800-599-2622. Talk to you soon!