Fun Ways to Get Kids Involved in the Moving Process

Moving to a new place can be a stressful process for you. For your kids, it might be the first big change they experience. Make moving a fun experience by fully involving your kids in the process. Involvement prepares your kids for change and helps them feel like they have some control.

Here’s how to make moving a fun and exciting experience for your kids.

- Tell your kids as soon as possible about the move. Try holding a family meeting to break the news. Let your kids know why you are moving. Even if your kids resist the change, let them express their feelings freely. When your kids feel heard, they are more likely to reach out to you with their concerns, which means you can help them make the transition more smoothly.

- Have a “See You Soon” party. One of your kids’ main concerns will be losing friends. Instead of focusing on the separation, help them focus on the good memories they had with friends. Be sure to collect addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses so your kids can stay in touch with their friends.

- Turn packing into a game. If your kids are competitive, challenge them to pack their rooms the fastest or to fill the most boxes. Invite creative kids to find the most unusual items to pack.

- Reward your kids for doing what you ask. Positive encouragement makes packing less of a chore. If you give them a bigger share of the packing, offer a bigger reward. Pizza and ice cream are great motivators to a kid.

- Employ a moving service. Do the packing and cleaning yourself, but leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. That way, you can decrease the stress and keep the focus on the kids.

- Keep your kids entertained during the drive to your new home. Help your kids pack a bag of things to do, including their favorite toys. By keeping these items close, your kids will feel more in control of the situation, and they won’t drive you crazy asking “Are we there yet?”

- Have a makeshift campout in your living room. Moving is exhausting. Don’t use up your last bit of strength setting up furniture in everyone’s rooms the very first night. Get some well-deserved rest and get used to the house together.

- Make unpacking fun by playing unpacking bingo. When your kids find a place for their toys, books, or clothes, they can call “Bingo!” and get a prize.

- Build box forts. When you’re all moved in, you will likely have an excess of boxes. Rather than just tossing them in the recycling bin, have some fun. Let them draw and color the boxes, even tear them apart. You might want to join in to relieve some of the stress from moving!