3 Great Places to Raise a Family in Canada

When you move your family to a new place, finding a kid-friendly community should be your first priority. Everyone wants to raise their children in a safe, academically-friendly community, but not everyone knows where to find them. If you want to move your family to a great community, then you should consider moving to any of the 3 cities on this list.

#1: St. Albert, Alberta
- Average Income: The average household earns a little under $130,000.
- Average Home Price: Houses cost about $375,000. You have a good income-to-expense ratio here.
- Cost of Food: You’ll pay about the same prices for food in St. Albert that you do in Edmonton, which means that you’re getting a pretty good deal as far as grocery expenses go. You won’t have to worry about spending an arm and a leg for family dinner.
- Quality of Schools: When students consistently rank above the provincial average, you know that you’ve found a great school district. St. Albert has excellent schools for children of all ages.
- Crime Rates: St. Albert has a 0.06% crime rate now, and that rate has dropped by about 25% in the last five years. Your children can safely play outside here.

#2: Calgary, Alberta
- Average Income: People in Calgary earn around $120,000.
- Average Home Price: Calgary’s homes cost nearly $440,000.
- Cost of Food: Food costs a bit more in Calgary, but your income will give you a much higher purchasing power here than in most other cities. You’ll have no problem buying a fancy cake for your daughter’s birthday party.
- Quality of Schools: Calgary has many excellent schools, but you will have to be careful about which ones you choose for your -children. Some perform very well, but others do not.
- Crime Rates: This city is another safe one. Its crime rates have also dropped about 25% in the last five years, and the current crime rate is at 0.04%.

#3: Edmonton, Alberta
- Average Income: Earners receive an average salary of $90,000 here.
- Average Home Price: Homes cost $375,000 on average.
- Cost of Food: Food costs less in Edmonton than it does in Calgary. Not only will you be able to buy fancy cakes, but you’ll have money to feed the whole birthday crowd.
- Quality of Schools: Edmonton’s schools also rank very well. Many of the best schools in Alberta are in Edmonton, so if education is your priority, Edmonton’s schools are the way to go.
- Crime Rates: The crime rate in Edmonton is still well under 1% at 0.07%. You’ll live in a very safe community here, too.

If these areas take you too far away from your career or your extended family, you can also consider Ottawa, ON; Vancouver, BC; Burlington, ON; and Lethbridge, AB as well. These cities also have excellent educational systems and low crime rates.

You’ve Found the Place, but How Will You Get There?
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