Christmas is a time for giving. Being thankful for wath we have, remembering those less fortunate than ourselves.

Donating & Recycling Unused or Unwanted Items before Moving. At BC Alberta Movers we believe in recycling and reusing. One persons “trash” is another’s treasures.

Although extra time can be minimal when moving, there is no better feeling than helping those with less. So take the extra hour and donate to a charity in your area that accepts your unneeded belongings rather than throw them away.

There's no better time to sort out your belongings than during your move. You have to pack everything in the house anyway, so why not take a little time to decide what really needs to go with you, and what items should find another home.

Clothing is undoubtedly the number one item on the purge list. We all keep items for sentimental reasons or future fitness fantasies. But the reality is, those items sit in a closet gathering dust when they could be given to someone who can really use them.

Toys and Games
Moving is an opportune time to say goodbye to toys and games that your kids have outgrown or no longer use. It's best to discard items that are tattered, threadbare or have missing parts. But for those that still have useful lives, several organizations can put them to good use. Toys in good shape can be donated to women's and homeless shelters.

We all have items in our pantry we have purchased as extra stock or maybe you were thinking of trying a new recipe you never got around to making. Well, now that you are moving instead of adding a few extra pounds or a couple more boxes to your shipment, donate dry & canned goods to your local food bank. Fridge or Freezer goods? Check to see if you have a family near you that could use the fresh produce or half gallon of milk.

Out-of-date computers, inactive cell phones and VCRs are just a few electronic items you can donate or recycle, keeping e-waste out of landfills. Donate these and similar electronics in good working order to your local donation centers. If the item no longer functions, call your local electronics superstore. Many of them will recycle these products for you, no matter where they were purchased.

Household Hazardous Waste

Leftover paint, batteries, chemicals, and medications all need to be disposed of carefully. Many municipalities have their own hazardous waste facilities, so check with your city or waste management department for locations.