Moving in Lousy Weather


Winter is coming soon and some of us have already experienced snow and blizzard like conditions this fall.
Here are some simple tips to follow when moving in the snow:
Benefits to moving in the fall
• Always keep an eye on the weather forecast. If the snowstorm headed your way on moving day is going to be one for the books, you should be aware in advance so you can get in contact with the moving company and coordinate a reschedule of your moving date. If the roads are impassable, they may not be able to get their moving trucks to you.

• Clear your driveway, sidewalk and street in front of your house of any snow. Prior to the movers arriving, make sure that all of the snow is cleared from the areas near your house where there is going to be heavy foot traffic. When movers are carrying heavy boxes and furniture from your house to the truck, the last thing anybody wants is to step in a half foot of snow. Shovel or use a snowblower to make sure all walkways and loading areas are clean and clear of snow.

• Put down salt on all walkways to rid any ice and prevent slippery surfaces. To prevent anyone from falling on slick surfaces, take some sand or salt and sprinkle it all over the driveway, sidewalks and in front of your house. When it's cold outside, snow and slush can turn to ice very quickly, and you don't want to be liable for movers slipping and injuring themselves while carrying heavy boxes on moving day.

• Protect the inside of your house. While snow and slush make a mess outdoors and on the roads, they can also make a mess inside your house. People often pick up salt and sand in their boots or shoes and then track it inside your house, dirtying the floors and even possibly damaging the wood. Make sure to lay down some moving blankets or towels on the floor to protect them from the sludge that will get tracked inside by the movers.