Book that winter tune-up

Icy, slushy driving conditions put tires and brake systems to the test. Frigid temperatures challenge your car’s engine and batteries. Snow and freezing rain make your windshield, defroster and wipers work extra hard. Prep your car with a pre-season tune-up, oil change, and cooling system flush so I’?s ready for the worst of the season.
Get a CAA membership
Whether your car breaks down on the highway or you need a jump-start in a hotel parking lot, CAA’ 24-7 roadside assistance offers peace of mind for any short- or long-haul journey. Bonus: you’re covered in the US too.
Pack an emergency kit
If you get stranded during a weather emergency, it could take hours for help to arrive. So dress warmly, and keep a winter emergency preparedness kit in your car. The kit should include non-perishable food, plus bottled water and a small shovel. Keep warm with blankets and a candle; set inside a large can for safety, a candle can help warm your car until help arrives.
Back up your map
The night before Christmas rest stop is not the time to discover a road closure. If you use old-school road maps, upgrade to a GPS system or smartphone. And if you use your iPhone for everything, back that up with an old fashioned road map. Think: fail-safe.
Scope out your rest stops beforehand
Conduct pre-trip research in search of attractions that will make longer journeys more interesting. Eat lunch in a 1950’s style diner, browse a chocolatier, or pose next to a giant pencil, muskie or car-sized mosquito. Have some fun!