Moving Your Valuables and Electronics

There’s a right way and a wrong way of doing everything, and, when it comes to packing your belongings for a move, you definitely want to pack them the right way. Not all items should be packed alike. Certain items require greater insulation against movement or shock than others. Our movers have spent years giving white glove service, and know all the tricks of the trade for carefully packing items.
Glass is one of the most difficult items to move safely. To ensure that your glass makes it to your destination unscratched and unbroken, and with no smudges, try wrapping it in unprinted newspaper pages. This will insulate the glass without rubbing ink on it. Bubble wrap is also another excellent option for glass. Just be sure to wrap it with the bubbles facing outward to prevent them from making marks on your glass. When using boxes, be sure that the items fit tightly in the box to prevent shifting or sliding during the move.
When moving electronics, movers must take care to prevent moisture and corrosion. Electronic items should be packed in bubble wrap. Silica gel or another desiccant should be packed to draw moisture from the package.

If you’re moving appliances, you’ll need to clean them and disassemble them as needed. Refrigerators should be cleaned and drained, and the door should be left open for air circulation.