Simple Summer drinks to help you beat the heat during your summer move!

Coconut water
Coconut water is also a highly delectable energy drink with endows you with the perfect hint of energy. It is an amazing electrolyte replacement, and it helps you in keeping fresh and energized. You can also mix avocado pulp with the coconut water to make it a delectable smoothie. Avocado has lucrative elements like vitamins and minerals which are indeed a very strong source of energy.

Lemon Water
This is probably the best and the most quickly made energy drink which not only provides you with ample energy but also keeps you refreshed. Simply mix two table spoons of lemon in a glass of water to make this superb drink.

The Coffee-Flavored Slushie
​For such an incredible treat, you'll be amazed that this drink can be prepared in under five minutes using three highly affordable ingredients. Class your slushie up this season by infusing it with some caffeine by blending one part chilled coffee, one part milk and one part ice in the blender, then sip and enjoy perfection.