Love your Move

No matter where you’re moving in Canada or the United States, the fact is family moving can be a real pain. Kids create chaos even when life isn’t already chaotic. Hoping to smooth out the ride? Try the seven ways listed below, and chances are your family moving experience will be a lot more positive.

A. Plan Ahead
Moving takes a huge amount of coordinating, time, energy and serenity … especially if you have children. Planning ahead can drastically reduce the hassle. Also, while some people may get a competitive signing bonus for moving, most people are on their own financially. That makes it really important to make a moving budget and stick to it. That way you won’t arrive with a monetary mess on your hands.

B. Give Kids Tasks
Kids love to help. When they feel ignored, they’re under your feet; but when they feel valued, they’re a lot easier to manage. And, well, they can even be helpful. Think up small chores for your children, such as packing linens, sweeping mudrooms, sorting their own toys or walking the dog.

C. Imagine the Future
Children are sometimes nervous or scared about a move (just like grownups!). Spend some time as a family talking about what the new home will be like to familiarize kids with their future. That way it’s less scary.

D. Handle the Details Ahead of Time
Moving in Canada and the United States requires a lot of paperwork. Changing your address with various companies, enrolling your children in new schools and completing new hire documentation can all eat up your time. Do as much of this as you can beforehand and you’ll enjoy an easier ride.

E. Donate Now
Don’t pack everything you own, figuring you’ll sort and donate at the next place. Instead, do it now, and you’ll have a lot less to take with you. Give away outgrown clothes and toys, break down and donate cribs and toddler beds, and get rid of the rocking horse and baby gym cluttering up the garage. If you crave those memories, take pictures. Then move on. 

E. Get Insurance
Most movers have a liability insurance plan, but it may not be up to your standards. To truly protect your belongings, talk to the moving company about buying additional insurance to get your things to their new home in one piece.

F. Hire Qualified Movers
Think all movers are the same? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Bad movers can take a toll financially, emotionally and physically, so don’t take chances.
Hopefully your upcoming experience will be a good one. If you do your best to follow the steps above, it should be. However, even the best-laid plans often go awry, and kids can really throw a wrench in things. Just remember, as trite as it sounds, to take your move one day at a time. Soon enough you’ll be home.