Moving with a senior

Moving With a Senior
Let’s face it: moving is stressful. For most people, it’s about the most stressful home-related chore out there. But what if you need to move your senior parents? Your stress level probably just multiplied.
There are lots of things that seniors need to think about when moving that younger folks don’t. If you’re getting ready for moving with a senior, or if you’re a senior yourself, there are six factors you should think about before you start loading a truck or gassing up your car.
1. Plan Ahead
When you’re moving with a senior, you can’t start planning too soon. Before you start packing, start downsizing. Often times, when seniors are moving someplace new, it’s someplace smaller than where they’ve been. Donating, selling or flat-out getting rid of unnecessary items will help reduce stress. There’s something to be said for not being held captive by all of your stuff.
2. Get Started Early
Once you’ve decluttered and know what’s making the move, get started on packing! Getting this project out of the way early will save anxiety in the long run.
Think about how things are packed. Consider wrapping dainty items in colored tissue or pieces of wrapping paper; this helps eliminate confusion about valuables packed among all the mundane stuff you’ve boxed up.
3. Travel
Will your senior be able to travel? If you’re going a short distance, this might not be a big deal. However, if you’re going somewhere far away, think about whether they’ll be comfortable driving for long distances or able to fly.
4. Health Care
This is a big one. Getting medical records transferred is always an arduous process, so the sooner you can get the jump on this issue, the better. And if your senior needs a new roster of medical providers once they’re in their new home, it’s best to get them lined up before they’re needed.
5. Legal Documents
Make sure all legal documents are up to date and in order. If new powers of attorney are needed or if living wills need to be drafted, get those executed in advance of the move.
6. Consider their emotions
It is a very emotional time for anyone when moving (especially long distance), if you are moving a parent, it will be an emotional/hard time for them to downsize and leave the home they have lived in for 50 years. It may be an easier transition to have the movers do all of the packing as well. This will eliminate any parent/s, sitting in a box filled home for 1 – 2 months getting nervous and stressed about leaving. If you have the time (and you get your parents’ permission of course), consider taking over the more tedious tasks (spring cleaning (downsizing), hiring the movers, making the date and travel plans, etc…). Make it as easy as possible on them. Health risks are much more important to keep in mind at this time.