Moving Apps for a more organized move!

Moving to a new city or new house can be stressful, but with the era of the cell phone these apps can take some weight off your shoulders.
Although most of you who are reading this are probably more familiar than I am at using Apps, these will give you a good start to find apps that will work for you to create a more organized move.
Here are six moving apps that you should consider using to make your moving day a day that isn’t filled with stressful events.

Craigslist and/or Kijiji
One thing that many people should consider doing before they move is to go through their stuff and determine if everything is worth keeping. This will decrease the clutter at the new home and decrease moving costs. Craigslist is a service to use to do just that.
Not only will these apps allow you to easily get rid of stuff you don’t need, you can make a few dollars from it to go towards purchases for the new home. The most popular Craigslist is cPro, which allows you to post your stuff for sale right from the app, making it easy to sell yo
ur old stuff.

Are you making non stop lists and keep losing track of them? A better way to stay organized with lists and notes while you’re moving is by using Evernote.
Evernote allows you to make lists, jot down quick notes, and save web articles for later. You can even organize them all into different notebooks and share them with other users.

Moving Van (I phone only)
The app helps you when you’re packing your boxes by creating an inventory of what is in each box. Which will be very helpful when you are unpacking.
As you pack, you can use the app to take photos of the contents of the box and jot down any details. Plus, you can assign each box a name, a number, or the room that the box needs to be moved in.
It will take a little longer to pack if you use the app, but it will be worth the organization in the end.

Google Maps
If just moving across town, you most likely don’t need directions to your new place, but if you’re moving to a completely new city, having GPS navigation is vital during your move.

What happens when you move your Sectional Sofa and it does not fit comfortably in your new home ? For ideas of how you want your furniture laid out in your new place check out MagicPlan to create a virtual floor plan to see if your furniture will fit in a particular place in your house.
The app uses your phones camera and uses pictures of your house to automatically put in dimensions. You can then add virtual objects and create an indoor map. You can then share your floor plan with others

Pizza Hut
Everyone knows that the best moving food is pizza, and with the Pizza Hut app you can order pizza and get it delivered to your new place, all from your Phone.
No need to call or go to a Pizza Hut location to order and get your pizza. The app is really easy to use, and while it might take you longer than just calling to order, the app allows you to ponder your options without someone on the other end waiting for you to order or searching for your new address. Or you can also see if your favorite restaurant has an app).

These are all suggestions to help make the move a little more organized. Good Luck !